You have a voice.
It’s time to share it.

You want to write a memoir, novel or inspirational non-fiction book and you need support in getting started, getting organized, writing it and finishing it.

As a seasoned editor and book developer, I will meet you wherever you are in your project and help you take your vision to the finish line.

Perhaps you want to be stronger in your social media messaging. Or you want to write blog posts or essays. I can help you use your unique voice and personal stories to reach the hearts and souls of your reader. Your words will be better received and have more impact. 

But the extra bonus is your public messages will feel more inspiring to write because the real you is showing up integrity and spirited originality. 

I will help you meet the page in a way that feels true, exciting, and creatively fulfilling. I also offer my unique life coaching skills to help you overcome the common writing demons, such as procrastination, questioning your "authority" as a writer, fear of being judged, and “What if I can’t get this published?”

Together, we will ignite your authentic voice, complete the writing project you desire, and take it all the way to your desired end game.

Feminine Empowerment
Writing Coaching

Manuscript editing
Book concept visioning
Personal storytelling
Publishing consultation

with Bestselling Writer
Gail Hudson

Now more than ever, the world needs the stories and wisdom of the feminine perspective.

Thank goodness, I found Gail Hudson. We have done three books together. She is not only outstanding as a collaborator, she is also a valued friend. Her integrity is unquestionable. If I ever need a coauthor again, it will be Gail whom I shall choose.

- Dr. Jane Goodall, UN Messenger of Peace


"Whether I was visioning in her studio or engaging my writing with her during a phone meeting, Gail’s clarity and insight inspired a powerful synthesis of transcribing my vision into an authentic outcome."

— Lisa Reddick, author, The Same River: A Novel

"Gail Hudson’s editorial touch was everything I needed and more. She brought skillful etching to my writing, leaving it in my voice but strengthening its accessibility for the reader. In addition, she brought deep intuition and savvy to the arc of my book. I was guided to the full fruition of my book’s mission. Gail is an editorial partner in the best sense of the word."

— Sue Brightman, author, A Call to Further Becoming: The New Declaration from Women Over 50

"My co-author and I were ready to bring our book about women’s leadership awakening into the world. Without Gail that never would have happened. She gathered up our many chapters, pruned and reorganized them so that our book began to have coherence and flow. Gail’s capacity for deep listening called our true voices out and encouraged us to stand in our authority. 

I am currently working with Gail as a guide on my memoir and her gift for empathic presence is allowing me to bring my vulnerable stories onto the page." 

If you are ready to offer the gift of your story or your knowing to the world, I would highly recommend Gail as your ally."

- Suzanne Anderson, co-author of the 4-time award winning book, The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How You Live, Love and Lead. 



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