Explore your potential for feminine empowerment.

You  want to make a living doing creative, meaningful work that really makes a difference. You want your innate strengths and gifts to be well received and compensated.

But you need help finding the clarity, step-by-step organization and sustained confidence to make these important shifts happen. 

You desire a love partnership that's committed to mutual growth and honesty. You yearn for passionate intimacy and soul-stirring sex that is deeply connected. You suspect there's more you could be doing to create the relationship you want, but you need fresh ideas and guidance.

Now more than ever, the world needs the stories and wisdom of the feminine perspective. You know this is true and you're ready to have greater reach and impact with your writing.

You have a memoir or inspirational book percolating inside of you. Or a manuscript languishing on your computer.

You want to strengthen your writing voice and harness the power of storytelling in all your public messaging.

You want your voice to reach human hearts and make real change in the world.

Gail Hudson is a NY Times bestselling author and internationally certified life coach. She works with women all over the world to experience more success and fulfillment in their careers, relationships and writing.

Gail meets with clients via Zoom, in-person in her Seattle studio, or by phone.

Gail's unique life coaching can take you there.
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“Gail is a true midwife of the soul in a time when we as women are being called to be our most powerful—grounded in our beauty, wisdom and unbounded strength. She helps us to
both hear and answer our call. I could always count on Gail’s courage to challenge me do my truest work.”


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