Gail Hudson is an internationally certified life coach and bestselling writer who coaches women all over the world se career has been devoted to  elevating conversations that are meaningful to the feminine experience.


To that end, I’ve been a news reporter, magazine editor, and personal essayist. I’ve written about marriage, parenting, mindful eating, rescuing endangered species, and am currently writing a book about conscious sexuality. 

In my earlier days, I was a bookstore clerk and bartender, an advocate for women prisoners and a counselor for “runaway girls” and “unwed mothers.” I taught life skills to developmentally disabled adults, and offered emotional support to mentally ill patients in a lock-up treatment facility.

A commitment to living authentically has guided me through the lifelong work of keeping my marriage and family and personal relationships healthy, honest, and loving. I walk my talk as a writer, coach, wife, friend and mother—knowing the deep work is ours to do, but the benefits are for everyone.

I’m a girl from the East who became a woman of the West. Seattle has been my beloved home since 1986.


from beat reporter to book author.

My career began in journalism, where I pursued my fascination with stories. At first I reported the "important stories"—uncovering political corruption and industrial polluters—but over time I was drawn to the more personal stories. I started to believe that exploring how we live, love, and care for each other is more important for the health and wellbeing of the world than shouting out the big exposés.

I started writing essays about relationships, marriage, and parenting for national magazines, including Self, Parents, Good Housekeeping, Utne Reader, and Natural Health. As the Spirituality Editor at Amazon and a freelance writer, I interviewed many leading spiritual writers, including Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Anne Lamott, Gabrielle Roth, Richard Bach, and Gary Zukov.

Books were soon to follow, including I Wanna Be Sedated, an edited collection of essays about raising teenagers, and Quarreling, a book about helping children resolve conflicts in healthy ways, which landed me on the "Today Show" with Katie Couric. 

Around that time I also began a writing collaboration with the renowned primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall. Through personal narrative, we explored humanity’s relationship with food, with animals, with plants, and with humanity itself—as an expression of nature. Our books include Harvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating, Hope for Animals and Their World, and most recently, New York Times Bestseller, Seeds of Hope, Wisdom and Wonder from the World of Plants.

I'm writing a memoir about a down and dirty heroine’s story where I tore down everything I once learned about “successful sex" and in the process called myself and my husband out of the trance of the patriarchy. Getting there wasn’t easy and it wasn’t always pretty, but we’re on the other side now, and what we discovered was nothing short of wondrous.


Join me in a conversation about what I had to face in myself, my past, my conditioning, and my marriage to finally bring my authentic sexuality to life. It's my story and it's a radical and timely woman's story.   

“What exactly was I yearning for? The words that came to me back then were hard to claim. They seemed sappy and needy. Girlie. Wrong. Unsexy. Buzz kills. Embarrassing. Emo. Vague. Impossible.
Dare I say them? Connection. Sacredness. Love. 

Even now as I type these words, a part of me—my younger self—instinctively wants to cover my mouth. I can still feel the girl inside who absorbed the shame, the brainwashing, the inescapable message that women aren’t supposed to speak of such desires when it comes to sex. For God’s sake, she says, don’t tell them that.

And another part of me, the part that’s gone on a long and defining journey in pursuit of what was missing, is staying seated and patiently smiling. Settle down, she says, and tell the story.” 



Jane Goodall and Gail Hudson celebrating their recent book release -- Hope for Animals and their World

“Thank goodness, I found Gail Hudson. We have done three books together – and always she has been the perfect collaborator. Her integrity is unquestionable and she has a great sense of humor that has got us through some difficult times. If I ever need a co-author again, it will be Gail whom I shall choose. She is not only outstanding as a collaborator, she is also a valued friend. ”

Jane Goodall, Ph.D., primatologist and UN Messenger of Peace

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